Kaila Hoy, Mblue Greedy
Release Date 10/04/2024
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Kaila Hoy, Mblue & L3ss - Greedy

On Kaila Hoy, Mblue & L3ss’s, ‘Greedy,’ the track showcases the trio’s unique blend of dark pop and electronic music coming to life. The song’s powerful message and compelling sound design, made possible by Mblue, promises to leave a lasting impression.

L3ss says of the song, “This song is about leaving someone behind who you know is not worthy of you. That person is selfish, arrogant and irresponsible and because they love the way you love them, they’ll try to do anything to keep that at your cost and for their own benefit. It also has a hopeful message about recreating the person you were and making sure the other person in the equation is left behind to never have access to that new version.”  

» know they're not worthy of you. «

Kaila Hoy began creating music and singing from the minute she could write. She progressed into live performances and paid gigs the young age of 9. Since then, she’s ventured her way deeper into the music industry and took her years of live performances into the studio. By age 12, she recorded one of her songs in the studio and worked with Michael Jay Margules (songwriter-producer with over 50 million records sold worldwide) and Cliff Downs (songwriter-producer signed with Atlantic Records, with records on major TV/film productions). Kaila has since continued to perform locally, perfecting her craft as a songwriter and vocalist. Her drive and passion for music has kept her writing song after song, with her fiery passion for the craft fuelling her ambition for creation and collaboration. Alongside Kaila on this track is Mblue, a songwriter, dark pop & electronica producer from Poland. He is fascinated by the universe, infinity, quantum physics and unbelievably strange laws that rule our world and deems himself an escapist from prosaism, a daydreamer, a huge fan of Queen, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead music as his greatest influences. After graduating from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw, Poland, where he studied sound engineering, he began composing, arranging and producing music for films, TV programs, radio plays, audiobooks, TV commercials, samples and theatrical performances. However, he’s since become an artist in his own right, recently discovering the creation of music and song is what fuels him with the most pleasure and satisfaction. Finally, L3ss is an indie and dark pop producer from India, who orchestrates haunting melodies and ethereal atmospheres in his music. Together, they release ‘Greedy,’ out now on CloudKid!

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