Kiyashqo Good Girl
Release Date 17/04/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Kiyashqo - Good Girl

Kiyashqo’s debut single on CloudKid, ‘Good Girl,‘ is a testament to his musical abilities and his unique perspective on life. With his first release, he’s managed to create a song that is both introspective and uplifting, a song that speaks to the complexities of human emotions and their subsequent relationships. It’s an introspective and dark, but romantic track; moody and full of good vibes, blending his raspy, deep vocals with a vintage-feeling production and luscious guitar licks. The song also pays homage to ‘Electric Feel’ by MGMT. However, Kiyashqo makes it his own with his unique style and energy with his re-imagination and production from said inspiration.  

When speaking about the song, Kiyashqo says that he drew inspiration from an image he had of a woman suffering from anxiety and other difficult life moments. He says, “The song is a reflection of the emotional journey that this girl goes through, and my lyrics are a reminder that she is not alone in her struggles. I imagine myself as a comforting presence in her life, helping her to loosen up, take it slow, and get through her new emotional journey.” 

»It's like the soundtrack for the last day of summer.«

Kiyashqo is a talented and prolific creator who is about to take the scene by storm with his debut single ‘Good Girl.’ A man of many talents, real name, Art is a singer, songwriter, video director and photographer who uses visuals and sound in tandem. His music is a blend of emotions, combining feelings of sadness with groovy tunes that can be played while cruising top down in a car during sunset or at a noisy night party with strangers you’ve never met before. He likes to describe his music as, “the soundtrack for the last day of summer.” His first song out with us, among a few others, now available for streaming!