updog goodbye
Release Date 02/08/2019
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CloudKid Presents updog - goodbye

After a highly impactful entry into the music scene and only 2 weeks after his debut single ‘hurt’, updog reveals another part of himself to the world with his second single ‘goodbye’. Tapping into the same emotive and raw approach to songwriting, ‘goodbye’ allows us to start building a much clearer picture of updog’s musical direction. The verses feature a captivating arrangement of vocal melodies and powerful lyrics; and the electro-rock drop, with its ripping guitar riff and monumental bass (now becoming a clear trademark of updog’s sound) marks the approval for yet another awe-inspiring single. He explains:  

“This song was inspired by something I have been struggling with for a while. I have been extremely frustrated with my cynicism, my continuous ability to push people away because of some inane reason, or because I am willing to hold grudges. I have a rational side which is always willing to forgive, forget and move on. But I also have my horrible side which has to shut the rest of me off from the world. I hate that side of me, and I guess that is my biggest enemy”

“In the song I’m saying ‘ goodbye’ to my friends because I wish for them that they’d never got to know me this way or had to deal with this hostile side of me. I can be a horrible person at times and it’s probably sometimes better that some people never meet me to begin with. By the end of the song I start having the realization that perhaps, me trying to protect other people’s feelings by distancing myself, is hurting everyone else more than its hurting me. But sometimes, I guess, my own brain can get the best of me, and take its chances on my happiness to fulfil its own egotistical ways”.

»I'm saying goodbye to my friends... my own brain can get the best of me, and take its chances on my happiness to fulfil its own egotistical ways «

goodbye’ reaches a level of depth and honesty that is hard to come by in this modern world; whether it’s in music, personal relationships, or any type of art. The representation he paints of himself through his lyrics and the use of child-like sketches for album artwork illuminates this concept further, and ultimately makes updog and his work a truly unique concept worth celebrating. Within 2 weeks, his songs have been picked up and released on Cloudkid, as well as support by other major channels such as MrSuicideSheep… and that’s all before ‘goodbye’ has even reached your ears. Check out ‘goodbye’ now.  

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