Sem Gone (feat. Ruely)
Release Date 16/10/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Sem - Gone (ft. Ruely)

Sem graces our ears once more with his textural, intricate and emotive production style on his latest single ‘Gone’. Teaming up with vocalist and lyricist Ruely on this occasion, the single exhibits the perfect blend between Sem’s sound craftsmanship and Ruley’s storytelling. Emitting a nostalgic yet hopeful vibe with its catchy melodies and dancy drops, ‘Gone’ will be a track sticking around in your best days. Sem explains:

The track is about living in the moment and not staying stuck in the past. I think we all struggle with this sometimes. ‘Gone’ for me is a nod to the choice to stop trying to relive moments of the past, and to be present instead. To live in the moment with intention is something I try to strive for every day. This song is a reflection of the emotions I experience right before I make that choice”

»it's a nod to the choice to stop trying to relive moments of the past«

Following on from huge previous collaborations with the likes of DROELOE and Taska Black in 2019, ‘Gone’ now marks a new era and his fifth release on Cloudkid; building up on his already renowned and authentic catalogue of tracks to a whole new level, and certainly making us wait in anticipation for even more.


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