Release Date 08/02/2023
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CloudKid Presents Lone Me, NotAVillain & ALYEN EYES - Gold Digger

Lone Me, ALYEN EYES and NotAVillain team up to release ‘Gold Digger‘ — a moody, vibey, emotional adventure, of which includes a heavy flowing rap verse in the middle of the song, that tells the tale of someone being led on by another: getting used, abused and ordered around by another. Fitting for the song’s title.

Lone Me says further, “The song is an electronic pop song produced by me and NotAVillain, and sung by ALYEN EYES. The song takes inspiration from how hard modern dating has become, and how materialistic and disloyal people can be when they are in relationships. The lyrics focus on the male perspective and after-thoughts of dating a ‘gold digger,’ or someone who is using someone else for fame, money, notoriety, etc. We were targeting broken souls, people who have had to deal with recent heartbreak. In essence, the song promotes and encourages them talk about what happened in a modern way on our social media, instead of sitting at home and sulking about it.”  

»We were targeting broken souls with this song...«

Lone Me, real name, Yahia Amine, is a music producer from Algeria. He took quite a leap for himself and started creating music in 2018, solely using beats and instrumentals. However, soon enough he felt that there was more that he could have done with his music. The turning point and introduction to the electronic scene happened a year layer. Lone Me‘s music is influenced by a variety of genres ranging from hard, energetic music to dark melancholy sounds. This variety helped him discover his current sound and niche; using it to his advantage. Lone Me has had multiple releases accumulating up 2 million streams already. Also on the track is ALYEN EYES, a 22-year-old music producer producer and singer from the USA. At an early age, he had always been musical, picking up numerous instruments as well as singing throughout his life, a passion that has stuck with him ever since. Destined for something greater outside his small town life, he moved to the East Coast to continue his musical journey. Fianlly, there is not much known about NotAVillain. All that’s been said is, ‘nobody is a villain in their own story. We’re all the heroes of our own stories.’

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