Layto, Neoni, Arcando Ghost Town (Remix)
Release Date 08/10/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Layto x Neoni - Ghost Town (Arcando Remix)

The energetic and raw sounds of Layto and Neoni convened perfectly on their collaborative track Ghost Town released back in 2020. This time, such a perfect match welcomes a new addition to the song: an impressive remix made possible by Dutch producer, Arcando. As the Neoni sisters and Layto trade verses and come together explosively in the chorus, Arcando’s signature bass shots and electric guitar topline makes for a perfectly cohesive, dark and spooky sound – and vibe – just in time for the winter months. Together with Arcando’s touch, Layton and Neoni’s ominous, yet emotional alternative-electronic anthem returns stronger and edgier than ever. Layer that with heavy beats, a growling bass, a strong drop and tons of attitude, in seamless harmony, we welcome you back to the ghost town.

Neoni writes: Ghost Town is about feeling isolated. It’s about that hope that someone is going to show up and remind you what it feels like to be accepted, to be a part of something. It applies to any relationship whether that’s a friendship, a family relationship or a romantic one. I think this song is about asking to be reminded that we’re not in this alone. After everything that we experienced in 2020, this song came from this need to stay connected with the people in our lives.” Arcando adds: “I’ve always been a huge fan of Neoni — we already made 2 songs together — so I figured why not remix one of their biggest songs yet. The original is really dark, and its creepy vibes just caught my attention. I felt like my remix needed a strong drop though, so it could fit into the general vibe and spooky feel of the song, and it worked!” 

»This song is about asking to be reminded that we’re not in this alone.«

Ghost Town emerged from both artists’ pursuit to break barriers, shatter stereotypes and allow folks to exist together despite their differences. It also came during a difficult period of uncertainty, but also the necessity of community, acting as a reminder of how important it is to have and retain the human connection. With both artists now boasting 500K+ monthly listeners, as well as continuing to garner support from Spotify editorials, Alternative Beats / All new rock / Friday Cratediggers (Neoni), The New Alt / Salt (Layto), it’s clear that their music, both together and apart, are making strides in their own respective fan and music communities. Arcando, who has reaped similar success, is just the cherry on top! The remixed and revised, Ghost Town (Arcando Remix), out NOW on CloudKid.

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