Lani Daye ghost town
Release Date 08/05/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Lani Daye - Ghost Town

Lani Daye’s final track before his EP drop of the same name, ‘ghost town,’ is a soft yet upbeat, nostalgic yet dreamy, energetic yet cathartic track solidifying Lani’s position as an artist on the rise in the indie, bedroom alt and pop space, about wanting “to be different while watching everyone around you kinda follow similar paths.”

He continues, “The song is an interesting one as it’s told from the perspective of speaking to someone who you have a history of chasing dreams with. It describes being in a situation where you want to get out and change something for yourself for the better; about feeling stuck in a place where everyone has already kind of given up on themselves and expects you to do the same because it’s what everyone does — it’s the standard in the environment you’re from. But the song also shows optimism and shifts toward wanting to be different, while watching everyone around you follow similar, regressive paths. They try to give you advice, but you feel their advice is bringing you down because they’re not actively doing anything meaningful for themselves and don’t know how to offer valuable insight for you to chase your dreams.”

»Their advice is actually just bringing you down...«

Inspired by the likes of Eden, Post Malone and Frank Ocean, Lani Daye is an Atlanta based singer, songwriter and producer keen to blend elements of alternative, pop and hip-hop into his own unique sound. His first release, “Hate U/Miss U,” appeared on popular electronic music label Monstercat, garnering over 200k streams. He has since worked alongside artists such as HNST, Eden and Silent Child — whom has been a frequent producer on his tracks — and aims to continue genre-bending and producing his original music that will help others feel seen, heard and understood. His last single and EP of the same name, ‘ghost town,‘ now available for streaming!