Confetti Ghost
Release Date 18/10/2019
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Confetti - Ghost

Welcome to the circus! Rock-pop duo Confetti unveil their greatest musical spectacle to date with their quick-witted and rampageous single ‘Ghost’. Acting as their very own anthem, the elephants blow their trunks once more to the sound of satire lyrics, catchy hooks and an inevitable sing-along. No matter who you’ve ghosted in the past, you won’t want to ghost this song.

Confetti explain:

This release hits us right in the gut, because we are all guilty of “ghosting” in some way or another. Confetti member #1 was notorious for ghosting Tinder dates gone wrong. Confetti member #2 is notorious for ghosting people who he feels betrayed him. So while this is a very relevant catastrophe for millennials, it is also quite relatable for us elephants. Hopefully by bringing this cowardice act to light we can prevent this from affecting generations to come

»Confetti member #1 was notorious for ghosting Tinder dates gone wrong«

Whether it’s getting inspired by Tinder, politics, video games or Eminem, Confetti continue to effortlessly deliver a blast of energetic and refreshing songwriting, with ‘Ghost’ being no exception. It’s sarcastic, it’s chaotic, it’s relevant, it’s catchy, it’s 90’s alternative, it’s modern pop, it’s Confetti.

Having grown the circus to over 1M monthly listeners on Spotify and amassed over 80 Million streams across all platforms on ‘Ghost‘, it’s clear that their perfected fusion of dancey Pop-rock mixed with their relatable depiction of modern day scenarios is something which we just cannot get enough of. Evidently, when honesty is hard to find, at least we know we can rely on the circus to provide some relief with the spirit animal everyone needs. Check out Ghost’s latest Meme Animation Competition; as well as their very own Ghosting Helpline Website and TikTok challenges.