Sem Get Closer (feat. Silent Child)
Release Date 11/11/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Sem - Get Closer (ft. Silent Child)

Sem graces our ears once more with his textural, intricate and emotive production style on his latest single Get Closer. Teaming up with Silent Child on vocals for the second occasion this year, the single exhibits the perfect blend between Sem’s sound craftsmanship and Silent Child’s storytelling. Emitting a nostalgic yet hopeful vibe with its melancholic moments and bouncy drops, ‘Get Closer’ will be a track sticking around in your head for days.

Silent Child explains: For me it’s about meeting someone in the summer and losing contact with them the very next day, but cherishing the memory and wishing it happened again. I wrote the lyrics trying to encapsulate that feeling of an inevitable end to a happy story. When we have 1 last day to live life to the fullest, it always feels like the best day ever. The natural high of happiness hits, then the next day is just a feeling of longing for that happiness again

»I wrote the lyrics trying to encapsulate that feeling of an inevitable end to a happy story«

At the beginning of the year Sem told Cloudkid: “art that is authentic to the artist and puts across whatever they want to say is the single most important thing when it comes to creating for me. As an artist I want to be true to every move I make, and while sometimes it is hard and I make mistakes, authenticity will always be something that I will strive for”. Following on from huge previous collaborations with the likes of DROELOE and Taska Black in 2019, ‘Get Closer’ now sees the producer ending 2020 on another high, and most importantly, staying true to his authenticity as an artist.


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