ruindkid gaslight (feat. IVA queendom)
Release Date 06/04/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents ruindkid - gaslight (ft. IVA queendom)

South Korean producer, ruindkid, teams up with Danish songwriter and vocalist, IVA queendom, to release their track together ‘gaslight.’ The track begins with a gritty baseline that sets the tone for the raw, uncompromising energy that follows. The drums kick follows shortly thereafter with a driving beat, punctuated by sharp, staccato hits that demand attention. Over this, IVA’s voice emerges, full of power and conviction, declaring her independence and refusal to be treated poorly, as the song’s title hints at.

IVA queendom says of the song, “It’s a powerful song that inspires people to embrace their power and stand up for themselves, no matter what challenges come their way. ‘gaslightwas created with South Korean producer, ruindkid. We both have experiences being in relationships with people who have gaslit us. The message in the song is that you can’t please everyone, but toxic people will make you believe that you can’t please ANYONE at all. Therefore, you try harder, you work harder and you compromise even more. Being in the grasp of a manipulative person can feel like drowning in a sea of lies and deceit. Despite the pain they caused, however, you ultimately emerge stronger and wiser, with the knowledge that any one of us deserves better than to be broken by someone else’s twisted intentions.”  

» try harder, you work harder and you compromise more than ever before. «

Inspired by artists such as PVRIS, UPSAHL, and Jagwar Twin on this track with IVA, ruindkid is an independent artist and producer from South Korea already trying to make his mark beyond his home country. IVA queendom, a Denmark born and bred singer, shares music from the heart. An early encounter with the harshness of the music industry as a teenager led to a breakup with her love to music. But after a few year hiatus, she’s back, better, and stronger than ever before. Together, they release, ‘gaslight,’ their first time ever on CloudKid.