Diana Goldberg Game Over
Release Date 13/09/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Diana Goldberg - Game Over

Diana Goldberg entraps listeners with another emotional and sensitive track, aided by a fiery chorus, catchy melody and empowering lyrics to match on ‘Game Over.’ The song details a difficult relationship, where two people grow apart due to a shift in each of their own priorities. Though Goldberg attributes the song’s overall narrative as being slightly fictional in nature, as she’s never had to fully deal with being in the middle of a gamer boyfriend and the digital world, she says putting her ‘actress’ hat on to make the track believable wasn’t difficult.

She says, “The song is kind of putting the empowerment back into the person who was neglected in the relationship. It’s like, if we keep fighting over the same thing, we won’t have anything in common anymore and it becomes a ‘game over’ for both of us. Every song I write comes from my personal life in some way, because I feel things more intensely than they are. With this song, I was an actress for the songwriting process, but the emotions were still the same; I just put them into a new context.”

»Being in a relationship is not like a game; you can't reset every time you lose. «

Game Over‘ is the latest of Goldberg’s that not only intensifies the singer’s signature non-structural songwriting process, but is the next to feature carefully picked samples, ad libs and add-ons into the mix. Though she never writes with references in mind, and instead, feelings, there are tons of easter eggs that can be found in her atmospheric music that will always push buttons and be more than meets the eye. This year has been continuously explosive for Goldberg, her signature neo-soul vocals and 80s type beats helping her garner multiple editorial playlist recognition, including being featured on the cover of Spotify’s Fresh Finds GSA and placed in NMF GermanyNMF Switzerland and Equal GSA, Amazon’s Taufrisch Pop playlists and spins on Bayern 3, egofm, BR Puls & Radio Fritz in Germany. Let’s just say, it doesn’t look there will be a game over for her any time soon.