crypto, Mia Vaile Game Over
Release Date 12/01/2024
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Crypto & Mia Vaile - Game Over

Crypto joins forces with US-based artist Mia Vaile to release “Game Over”, an immersive experience that invites listeners into the turbulent world of love and loss. With its blend of indie, pop, hip-hop, and 90s influence, this track is poised to captivate listeners.

Mia says, “Game Over isn’t your typical break-up song. It leads you through a journey of facing instability, denial, and madness when confronted with the possibility of losing a person you love. Love has the power to make us feel crazy, and this song perfectly illustrates how someone in love can spiral out of control.”  

»Love has the power to make us feel crazy«

Inspired by the universe-renowned music scene on planet Earth, Crypto decided to embark on a hell of a musical journey, leaving their home planet to write and release music for mere humans. Released on CloudKid, Crypto thought it would be the perfect label to help them explore a whole new world. Giving full freedom of expression and encouragement to be themselves, Crypto is now able to explore their creativity without limits and show us humans where their outer-worldly music skills — and taste, plus epic collaborations — can take them next. Alongside Crypto is American-Israeli singer-songwriter who started her career as the lead singer and songwriter of the band Veorra. After the band broke up, Mia launched her solo career out of her bedroom and focused the next step of her musicality on electro-pop sensibilities that had an alternative and unique twist. She quickly gained recognition and reached tens of millions of streams across multiple streaming platforms. Their next track with CloudKid, Game Over,’  out now!

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