Silent Child 'Fuck You' Interview
Release Date 05/06/2020
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CloudKid Presents Silent Child - 'Fuck You' Interview

Rodney – aka Silent Child – joins us for an insightful talk on his desert island disc (and Xbox games), his dream collaboration and the process behind the writing of his latest single Fuck You.   The vocals are a real stand-out feature on the track. The flow and delivery are unlike any other of your songs. How and why did you approach writing them?

I was just really angry. As opposed to my usual more depressing or romantic style. I wanted to scream and get a different type of point across with a less subtle approach. It’s not necessarily less inspiring, but I just wanted to speak my unfiltered mind. Hopefully that’s how it came across. It has an impressive blend of rap and also rock feel to it. Were you getting inspired by any music of that sort while writing?
Yeah, I definitely try to incorporate some different things and styles that I’m not used to doing. Stepping out my comfort zone a little bit. The whole track has a rocky element but it definitely came out more in the second half. The whole beat comes in there and I did this Gorillaz type inspired thing. Ever since I started listening to them years ago I always thought “this is amazing, I want to do something like this”. So I kind tried fused the two for the drop in the second half. It made me feel like I could do a lot more now… I can scream, I can turn the volume up a little bit y’know. Can’t got wrong with a bit of a Gorillaz inspiration. What’s your favourite track by them? Clint Eastwood for sure. Gotta love it.

On ‘Fuck You’ you’re exploring the idea of blocking and getting rid of hateful people in your life. Some people want to get rid of noisy eaters, or slow walkers for example. How about you? What’s Silent Child’s pet hate? Ha, I don’t even know why they do this but there are people who you try to to talk to and have a normal back-and-forth conversation with; but then when you’re trying to say something they just cut you off all the time. I’m like “dude you asked a question let me answer”. That’s a pretty common thing for some reason. So let’s get rid of people who don’t let you speak.

»My go-to game right now is Apex Legends. I don’t wanna brag but I get some good kills on there«

Let’s do a little dessert island discs now. The scenario: It’s August 2020, corona virus has us all out and you have to self isolate on an island. You can take a) one album  b) one possession c) one movie. What’s it gonna be? a) the album has to be ’SYRE’ by Jaden. The album was kinda unexpected y’know. I was on Xbox talking to some friends and I was like “Yo, Jaden Smith just released an album. I’m serious! He just came out with a song. Shut up, I’m gonna listen”. And I played it and I was just though oh my god, Jaden can actually make music. I felt like he put of emotion into it. He’s weird but he knows what he’s talking about. On the creative side of weird I guess. b) Imma take my Xbox. That’s gotta come with me. My go-to game right now is Apex Legends. I don’t wanna brag but I get some good kills on there. c) I think it’s gonna be Avengers: Endgame. That’s a decent sized movie, like 3 hours long would fill out a lot of time. You’ve already done a ton of awesome collaborations with some great artists (Dooqu, Sem) and have got some more coming up too. Let’s say you’re also allowed to take someone to the island (remaining a 1.5m distance of course). Who would you take – alive or dead – to collab with you on a song?

I think it’s gotta be San Holo. That would be crazy. I gotta harass him enough… but I guess he got no choice if we’re on a desert island.