Silent Child, Vosai Fuck You (Vosai Remix)
Release Date 03/12/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Silent Child - Fuck You (Vosai Remix)

“Hateful, melancholic and energetic” are the words Silent Child used to describe one of the first singles that drove him to notoriety last summer, with his infamously titled, ‘Fuck You.’ Bringing Denmark-based producer to the mix, Vosai said he wanted his version of the song to be done in his usual, stylistic way, adding a drum ‘n bass element to the song, while also paying homage to the original tracks’ harder, melodic electro, future bass energy, as well.

Vosai says, “On this remix, I wanted to enhance that feeling that Silent Child describes when he wrote the lyrics, this time in the production, with an evil, energetic drop that matched what I felt was the same vibe.” 

»I wanted the production to match those feelings.«

Silent Child is a producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist from Atlanta, Georgia. Growing up with Asperger’s, he found his voice and was ultimately able to break his silence through music. Along the way, he has now been recognised — even more so after his song, ‘F*** You,’ went viral  — across leading Spotify Editorial playlists (Alternative Beats, Fresh Finds, Sludge, Creamy) and more. Offsetting Silent Child is young producer, Vosai, whose interest in music began at an even more youthful age, slowly becoming an addiction as he grew older. In 2018, he released his debut single, ‘Different Angles,’ and has since released music through the likes of Lowly and NCS, with support from promoters like Trap Nation, Trap City and holding inspiration from the likes of Noisia, Effin, among others. With these two bold and already successful up and coming artists, let’s hope their remix can break minds and hearts just like the original.

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