UNDREAM Freak (feat. Silent Child)
Release Date 01/07/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents UNDREAM - Freak (ft. Silent Child & Hannabelle)

UNDREAM debuts into the scene and joins talents with Silent Child and Hannabelle to take on a favorite Sub Urban track, with their re-invented cover of ‘Freak’. For a debut, it is clear that UNDREAM is certainly ready to express his inspiration through music and give his listeners a sense of disbelief. Indeed, his intriguing approach to the cover adds a layer of mesmerizing freshness without losing the gloomy and raw touches of the original song which made us fall in love with it in the first place.  Accompanied vocal additions by both Silent Child and Hannabelle can only mean a good thing. Silent Child has proven time and time again, with previous collaborations with the likes of SEM or Dooqu, that he’s an artist you need on your record if you want to bring it up to the next level. But why stop at that level? Hannabelle elevates the track further with a perfect reinterpretation of REI AMI’s original vocals, bringing a distinctive and captivating vocal tone to the game.

The artists explain:  “The cover of freak started off by me feeling super inspired by the original and I wanted to add my own touch to it” – UNDREAM  I want people to connect with my music and find their own meaning within the lyrics. It’s such a good feeling when you’re listening to a song and the lyrics and vibe of the track sums up the way you’re feeling; I want my listeners to experience this. I personally feel that the track is about a guy who has created the character of a woman in his head to satisfy his sexual fantasies and thoughts” – Hannabelle

»It started off by me feeling super inspired by the original«

Catch all three artists at their best and listen to ‘Freak’ now.