Release Date 23/11/2022
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CloudKid Presents Mickey Valen, Felix Lean & Anna Cotter - Fool

Los Angeles based producer Mickey Valen joins forces with wunderkind artists, Anna Cotter and Felix Lean on their track together, ‘Fool.’ After Lean messaged Valen on Instagram in the hopes of receiving feedback of the song he worked on prior to with Cotte, not two hours later, Valen replied with interest and the rest is history. The track is edgy with a sensual undertone to it, perfectly incapsulating the feeling someone gets when he or she knows something is wrong in a relationship, but is too deep in to stop it from happening, says Cotter. Sonically, the song’s drop  — right after the chorus — serves as a contrast to the otherwise more calm and subdued verses.  

She continues, “Narratively, ‘Fool‘ is about knowing a relationship is foolish, but still going ahead with it anyway just because it’s new, fun and exciting. You know you’re going to get hurt but you don‘t care either way. It’s also about isolating yourself completely from the rest of the world as a result of this pursuit and thus, giving your whole self away to this one person even though you — and those around you — know that they doesn’t deserve that.” Felix agrres and adds, “The song kind of falls into the whole ‘fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me,’ type of dynamic with another person.”  

»It's also about isolating yourself completely from the rest of the world...«

Mickey Valen has been well known to create music to achieve human connection. And how does he do so? Making sure to stay true to himself and work with authentic artists that will write empowering lyrics that are able to match his distinct production style. Since 2016, Mickey has grown into a successful artist achieving over 300 million combined streams, reaching the Top 10 charts on iTunes Dance/Electronic with multiple songs, as well as charting on Spotify’s Global Viral 50. Whatever happens next after the hype over his most streamed song to date, ‘Chills,‘ is over, is uncertain, but what we do know is that it’ll be purely ‘Mickey Valen‘ in all of its sound, structure and essence, holding true for this next track with Anna and Felix. Anna Cotter is a 16-year old singer-songwriter from Germany. Throughout her childhood, she always had an interest in music and quickly realised she had an affinity for it. At 5-years old, she started playing the guitar and just two years later she also started learning the piano. Yet, after a while, she noticed that her true passion lay in singing and expressing herself through self-written lyrics. She and her good friend Felix Lean were discovered by producer Mickey Valen for which she wrote the lyrics and provided vocals. Felix Leander Biergann — also 16 and based in Germany — grew up in a musical family and started to play the violin at 5 years old. When he turned 11, he finally discovered his passion and talent for producing electronic music. Over the years he taught himself how to compose songs using the complex systems of sequencer programs. He produced a variety of songs in different genres and says his biggest strength is his creativity and ability to compose soulful melodies that express emotion through and through. Together, he, Anna and Mickey deliver the edgy, vibrant ‘Fool,’ out now on CloudKid!