Diana Goldberg FOCUS...
Release Date 08/04/2022
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CloudKid Presents Diana Goldberg - FOCUS...

Diana Goldberg’s latest, ‘FOCUS…’ proves once again the artist’s knack for a diverse pop sound, while using catchy hooks and lyricism specifically focused on the topic of mental health. Her previous track, ‘SAME OLD SORRY‘ was the starting point of her debut EP phase — the demise of a relationship as a result of infidelity — moving toward a downward spiral whilst navigating such an emotional rollercoaster. ‘FOCUS…’ however is characterized as a new movement, representing an upward ricochet, carrying an empowering message — with one’s own self at the forefront — and accompanied by a grander synth melody on production, representing Goldberg’s inner voice and monologue about this whirlwind feeling in time. 

She says, “‘FOCUS…’ is a direct counterpart to my last single. And I wrote this one because I needed to hear a song like this, so I went and did it, and not just for myself. It basically represents the relationship with oneself growing stronger after a difficult relationship with another, and letting that inner voice shine because there wasn’t room for you to do that before, which I hint at on [‘SAME OLD SORRY]. ‘FOCUS…’ radiates healing energy and showed me that I can blossom on my own, which is also reflected in the grandiose nature of its production: that build up in the synth melody acting as a sonic return to oneself. The song also highlights that you are your own (and first) priority, pushing you to drop the weight off from the burden you had atop yourself before. I also just think it’s a really vibey song — perfect to have playing on a car ride, windows down, hair flowing, feeling free to bloom again.”

»It's the perfect song to have playing on a car ride: hair flowing, feeling free to bloom again. «

Moving onto the next chapter for Munich-based artist and songstress is her latest single, ‘FOCUS…’, an empowering anti and alt-pop anthem that takes a closer look at self-love and reflection, a theme carried throughout what will be her debut EP, out July, entitled ‘BLOSSOM IN THE DARK.’ On it, Goldberg works her way into the depths of her psyche, internal emotions and external fears, taking listeners with her on that journey. Following the motto “if you openly face your fears, they lose the power over you,” the artist deals with the end of a toxic relationship and its aftermath, speaking openly about inner conflicts, psychological suffering and unhealthy behaviours that can occur as a result. A dark emotionality pervades the EP; a roller coaster ride of emotions, as it she were going through the grieving process: starting with the denial of the relationship’s end to feeling a loss of control, moments of guilt and self-doubt, resignation and finally self-acceptance and love. Her second single, ‘FOCUS…’ out now on CloudKid!