Mickey Valen Falling On Your Sword (feat. neverwaves)
Release Date 26/11/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Mickey Valen & neverwaves - Falling On Your Sword

Haunting, compelling, with a bit of dark pop trap, met with biting, sardonic delivery, Mickey Valen once again teams up with neverwaves, following their previous release together, ‘Fumes‘ to share a track that is equal parts bitter and brash, entitled Falling On Your Sword.’ neverwaves asks listeners a few questions before delving into the meaning of the song, answering why it is named as it is.

He says, “At what point do you give up fighting? When do you throw in the towel and just let someone say whatever they need to say? When someone is so drunk with rage that they no longer see reality, only the distortion their wounds have created. Essentially the song is about being in a toxic spiral with someone where there is such a degree of distortion that reality and truth have become optional, blurred. My favourite part is probably the sword sample at the end of each chorus— it’s so on the nose that it becomes something else entirely. It’s a Kill Bill over-the-top sort of moment that brings some levity to some otherwise heavy subject matter.”

»Sometimes being the bigger person is playing the villain they need you to be.«

Mickey Valen creates music to achieve human connection and stays true to himself by working with authentic artists that write empowering lyrics. Since 2016 Mickey Valen has seen himself grow into a successful artist that has achieved over 200 million combined streams, 700k monthly listeners (Spotify) and reaching the Top 10 on iTunes Dance/Electronic with multiple songs as well as charted in Spotify’s Global Viral 50. neverwaves on the other hand writes lyrics from personal experiences that touch on sensitive subjects such as mental health and escapism. His sound spans the gamut ranging from pop punk to indie and R&B. His background as a jazz drummer is to blame for his infectious chord play, driving rhythms and silky falsetto that anyone can relate and jam to. A match made in heaven, check out ‘Falling On Your Sword’ now out on CloudKid!