UNDREAM Fall Away (feat. Calivania)
Release Date 08/06/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents UNDREAM - Fall Away (ft. Calivania)

Swedish producer UNDREAM returns for his first release on CloudKid this year, his signature dark, moody and ambient sound structure notably present, on ‘Fall Away.’ The haunting, albeit playful track has an unsettling and eerie vibe to it, of which is made more powerful and intense with vocals from Los Angeles-based, Calivania. The song also has notable film score sensibilities to it, something of which the Swedish producer made intentional.    

He says, “I’ve always been inspired by the most random things. Usually, I tend to get inspired by really well-made visual content that I think matches with my musical vision. Stranger Things as a series and The Weeknd as an artist (and his latest album) are two examples of creative projects that I’ve been inspired by. And you can hear those types of influences in my music and of course, on this specific track with how eerie it is. When I hear the song, with Calivania’s vocals, I tend to imagine that I’m in a movie scene, where a character goes out on late night, self-reflective walk, only to be faced with something unexpected.”         

»I imagine I'm in a movie scene, where a character goes out on late night and...«

UNDREAM is a young producer and multi-instrumentalist from Sweden. With his music, he hopes to disconnect listeners from reality for a quick moment through a feeling of disbelief, as his signature dark and ambient sound structures take you through a sonic dream. Having released his first ever single ‘Freak’ (Sub Urban cover) in 2019, and a follow-up single, ‘Nightmare’ with Nashville-based Neoni, he seems to have a lot more in store, adding his last single, pop-electronic ‘Monster’ to his repertoire and now the hauntingly intense, ‘Fall Away.’ Also having been picked up instantly by tastemakers including the likes of, and amassing over 2.5M streams on Spotify, it’s safe to say he’s doing quite well in keeping us intrigued and enchanted. Alongside him on this track is Los Angeles-based, Calivania, a dark-theme art & music collective inspired by vampire aesthetic, who have garnered more than 50 million streams online, headlined by debut single ‘DOOM.’ Together, as collaborators, UNDREAM & Calivania solidify their stance in the alt-electronic space. ‘Fall Away‘ is available now for streaming.