crypto Faded
Release Date 07/07/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Crypto - Faded (ft. Constance)

The mystic and anonymous talent going by the name of Crypto show’s off their unique production style once again as he covers ZHU’s hit track ‘Faded’. This is Crypto’s 3rd cover, now grabbing momentum and quickly starting to build their following and repertoire. Having travelled back in time with their previous Britney and Elvis covers, Crypto tries out a more modern song to compliment their futuristic sound. 

“ZHU started off as an anonymous producer because he wanted people to stay focused on the music rather than the persona. Naturally, being a non-human on Earth makes me very self aware about this, so ZHU always gave me great inspiration and motivation to create music for music’s sake. This is why Cloudkid is also the perfect label to support my vision”

»ZHU always gave me great inspiration to create music for music's sake«

Inspired by the universe-renowned music scene on Planet Earth, Crypto has decided to embark on a musical journey, leaving their home planet to write and release music for Humans. Released on Cloudkid, Crypto thought it would be the perfect label to work with. Giving full freedom of expression and encouragement to be themselves, Crypto is now able to explore his creativity without limits and show us where their outer-worldly music skills take them next.

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