Release Date 17/11/2022
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CloudKid Presents Airmow x Frizzy The Streetz - FADE AWAY

French producer Airmow and Jamaican vocalist, Frizzy The Streetz, team up on ‘FADE AWAY,’ a track with a mix of cinematic, electronic and R&B vibes to it. The chord progressions bring an epic, albeit melancholic aspect to the song as well, whereas the drop is powerful, catchy and gives listeners a feeling of freedom and escape.

Frizzy remarks on the track, “‘FADE AWAY’ is a story about an act of infidelity between two people that are in a relationship that they’ve both been unsatisfied with. It’s a song about falling for lust and temptation and about how the immoral act of having an affair is in and of itself  a driving force of excitement for them, evident by the first few lines in the second verse // I know that it’s wrong, it doesn’t feel right, but it gives me a trill and that gives me a vibe. // If I were to simplify the song into one sentence, it would be: two insecure people in a toxic relationship trying to seek excitement outside of it by indulging in the ultimate toxic act — an affair.”

»The immoral act of having an affair is in and of itself a driving force of excitement.«

Antonin Lemiere, aka Airmow, is a Parisian electronic artist and producer. With bold, brash, enigmatic and threatening sounds, Airmow aims to create ultra-modern productions that transport listeners to a wonderful, yet skeptical and oppressive world, paying homage to the outside world we live in today. Inspired sonically by a smorgasbord of unique directions, including electronic film music and soundtracks to horror films, the highly praised fashion industry of his home country, analogue synthesisers and other technical sounds and sensibilities, Airmow takes a darker and more mature direction than with his first album DYSTOPIE, with ‘FADE AWAY’ premiering that new path. Commercially, Airmow’s innovative compositions have been used by brands such as PRADA, Rolex, L’Oreal, XIAOMI and Philosophy. Alongside him on the track is Lamar Recardo Black, a Jamaican-born musical artist and record producer. Up until recently, the producer went by the name Frizzy, when in 2017, he decided to add The Streetz to his stage name, taken from The Streetz Productions, a label he and his dad started on their own so as to release their music under it. As a producer, Frizzy has always liked stepping into other genres to mix things up, while keeping his mellow, ‘chill‘ ethos to it as well. As an artist, he’s also found himself playing with flows, topics, and genres to make each song sound unique from its predecessor. According to him, the best way to describe his music is not through genre, but through vibe and feeling. His and Airmow’s collaborative track together, ‘FADE AWAY‘ out now!

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