Stileto Erupt (feat. AViVA)
Release Date 30/10/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Stileto - Erupt (ft. AViVA)

Stileto is back with another collaborative track featuring the fearlessly captivating alt pop-rock artist AViVA. ‘Erupt‘ is a song that delves into the universal themes of resilience, strength, and overcoming strife. Despite the dark and heavy undertones, this high-energy track uplifts listeners with an inspirational message.    

They say of the song, “This track is about resilience, strength, and triumph over adversity. It serves as a powerful anthem for those facing challenges and setbacks in life.” The song’s most notable line reads as follows, “Feel the embers raging, tryna claw back my control.”

»...tryna claw back my control«

Stileto consists of Robert Bressler and Francis Le Vesta, based out of Los Angeles, CA. The combined talent and years of songwriting by both members has culminated nicely into what Stileto has to offer today. Bringing in sounds from all genres and influences from all eras is what today‚Äôs music scene is all about, and Stileto have perfected this recipe. On the track with Stileto is AViVA, an artist unafraid of baring all in her music. AViVA and her unique alt pop-rock emo sound has created a growing groundswell online, building a strong community of fans – ones she calls, her ‘Outsiders.’ Since her start, she has continued to explore the themes of control and isolation in her music, describing her songs as being part of an “Outsider experience,” something clearly expressed in both her lyrics and the sonic palate of her catalog. Since her debut single ‘GRRRLS‘ in late 2017, her distinct sound and message has garnered the support of tastemakers globally on YouTube and Spotify, also leading her to tour with the likes of Yungblud, Poppy, Pale Waves, among numerous festivals. Since then, she’s amassed over 3 billion global streams collectively.

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