TRUU, Bentez Enemy
Release Date 01/06/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents TRUU & Bentez - Enemy

Energetic, upbeat, angry, somewhat melancholic, and head-bopping, with heavy bass, and drums, singer Bentez and producer TRUU team up to release, “Enemy” a powerful, dark pop track, about losing touch with and turning against oneself after being drawn into someone else’s toxicity.

Bentez says of the song, “This song tells the story of a destructive relationship ending, resulting in one-sided anger and frustration; it’s about giving your all, falling for a false narrative, and trying to save a person you once loved from drowning in their demons, only to find yourself drowning in theirs. Funnily enough, although this track is essentially about someone making you feel like your own enemy, while TRUU and I were writing the song, I also felt like I was also lyrically expressing self fuelled anger. So, in a way, it can be interpreted as if there weren’t two people in the story, but rather just me and my secret darker self having a conversation.”  

» and my darker self having a conversation.«

Austrian-born, Berlin-based producer and artist, TRUU started to fall in love with dance and pop music at an early age. Later in his musical development, he became influenced by artists like Sub Urban, EMELINE and UPSAHL of whom ultimately cultivated some further inspiration for him musically. His collaboration, “U in my head,” also on CloudKid and with artist Omido, has now reached over a million streams to date, with no desire to stop his fruitful collaborations. Alongside him on the track is Bentez, born and raised in Bulgaria, an aspiring singer-songwriter with an affinity for dark pop and alternative artistic expressions. Developing her main instrument, her voice, has been a huge part of her life since her appearance in the music TV show “The Voice of Bulgaria,” where the young artist had the chance of performing in front of a large audience and learning from industry professionals. Her lyricism is dark and unfiltered, touching on subjects such as troubled love, the ego, self-destructive behavior, and other uncomfortable considered topics. Now living in the creative European capital, Berlin, she’s collaborating with other artists and expanding her discography. Together, they both release ‘Enemy,’ now out on CloudKid!

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