Confetti Elephant In The Room EP
Release Date 22/05/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Confetti - Elephant In The Room EP

The quick-witted and rampageous elephant duo – Confetti – light up their circus once again with their latest well awaited EP: ‘Elephant In The Room’. Following their relentless mission to make fun out of the darkness in the world, the EP straps you in for an energetic roller-coaster ride of sarcasm, satirical lyrics and the catchiest hooks.  Whether it’s ‘Ghost’ giving you ideas to blank your last Tinder date, or ‘Hot’ making you feel a little bit sassy and filthy – taking you from 0-100, straight back to 0 again, and ending on a strong 120 is exactly what this circus has in-store for you. 

Confetti explain: “This song is quite literally about the Elephant in the Room. That uncomfortable presence that reminds you why the current situation you’re in feels awkward. This societal issue is something we find ourselves in the middle of quite often because we are constantly offending somebody somewhere. Hopefully this song is something most people can find the humility to relate to”.

»Hopefully this song is something most people can find the humility to relate to«

Having grown the circus to over 500’000 monthly listeners and amassed over 15 Million streams across their singles, it’s clear that their perfected fusion of dancey Pop-rock mixed with their relatable depiction of modern day scenarios is something which we just cannot get enough of. Evidently, when honesty is hard to find, at least we know we can rely on the circus to provide some relief with the spirit animal everyone needs… the elephant in the room.