updog dying breath
Release Date 14/02/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents updog - dying breath

updog exhales his inner demons to the sound of his latest gritty single ‘dying breath’. Mastering his tantalising fusion of rock and electronic once more, the single stands out as his most powerful and epic sounding track to date. With its heavy hitting bass hook and dark undertones (reminiscent of his most popular single ‘goodbye’) we get the impression the artist is building up for something big. In line with his artistic concept of acknowledging his own flaws and insecurities, updog explains the meaning behind the track:

This song encompasses a pretty big self realisation I’ve had over the years after being dumped multiple times by multiple women in my life and having seen multiple friendships end. It’s very easy to play the blame game and make yourself the victim who did nothing wrong. However the more and more you reflect, you realize there was a reason behind that, and most of the time that reason is because you were equally at fault. Thing is, although you know that, you probably will never let the other person know, because your ‘worst self’ and your ego would rather just take that to the grave in order to protect your pride”

»your ego will rather take you to the grave in order to protect your pride«

Since the very first release, updog’s music has told stories with admirable honesty and instant relatability, while always throwing in catchy hooks and flawless production for good measure. From then on, his string of unmissable singles, and his latest EP ‘closure’, has seen extensive support across YouTube (Mr.SuidiceSheep/xKito), Spotify (+1.5M streams) and multiple blogs. Taking inspiration from artists such as grandson, gabriel black and 8 graves, uppdog has undoubtedly lined himself up into an elite group of artists to keep an eye out for this year.

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