Release Date 06/11/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Kiyashqo & DEIIN – DUNNO YET

In their upcoming track, ‘DUNNO YET’ with CloudKid, Kiyashqo & DEIIN craft a captivating ambiance that effortlessly merges a sense of determination with a touch of sorrow.  

Kiyashqo says, “This is an emotional song that explores the complexities of a relationship that has reached its breaking point but is held together by the invisible ties of shared memories and emotional attachment. It’s about the struggle of wanting to move on, yet feeling unable to let go of the past.”

»struggle of wanting to move on...«

A man of many talents, real name, Artyom, is a singer, songwriter, video director and photographer who uses visuals and sound in tandem. His music is a blend of emotions, combining feelings of sadness with groovy tunes that can be played while cruising top down in a car during sunset or at a noisy night party with strangers you’ve never met before. He likes to describe his music as, “the soundtrack for the last day of summer.” Alongside Kiyashqo is Mexico-based DEIIN, a producer, DJ & singer-songwriter. Prior to this release, he was solely making remixes for years with his real name but ultimately decided to create DEIIN to start fresh on making original music. Together, they release their next song together, ‘DUNNO YET‘ out now on CloudKid!

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