QUINTA Drowning
Release Date 11/10/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents QUINTA - Drowning

Spanish producer QUINTA’s latest single, ‘Drowning,’ debuting on CloudKid, is a fast-paced record featuring a fierce production style. The tracks overall ambiance is, as he describes, “intense” and sets out to captivate the listener’s attention throughout transitions.

QUINTA says, “This record is about the emotional turmoil experienced by an individual as they struggle with the end of a relationship. The simultaneous longing and resentment they feel towards their former partner is at the heart of the tracks narrative, giving rise to the sensation of drowning. Lyrics that capture this complex blend of emotions include (//I don’t know how to cope when you’re gone for too long//), closely followed by (//I drive fast so that I can be sure that I’m away from you//).”

»giving rise to the sensation of drowning...«

Living in both Spain and the UK, while working in audio post production, QUINTA is the alias of Spanish music producer and composer debuting ‘Touch Me‘ on the label. At the age of 6, he started playing guitar and drums. By 15, he began to bring his creative ideas to life, learning how to make beats and produce. The well-versed artist and producer shares an enjoyable and unique sound & style, having accumulated over 14 million views on a remix featured on curator, Trap Nation for Galantis’ ‘Hunter’ back in 2017. At only 23 years old, QUINTA has established a name for himself through his ability to incorporate atmospheric sounds into his music, hoping to eventually be known for his melancholic, yet hard hitting instrumentals. A fusion of different genres, QUINTA’s sound ranges from pop and electronic dance music. His melodies strive to guide the listener through an emotional rollercoaster, while he incorporates scenery into his productions, such as rain or thunder (as in his debut single ‘Kills Me Slowly’), creating a tension and release effect to whoever is on the other side. With all of this already, QUINTA is showing signs of an artist ready to leap forward and take the next big steps with his music and artistry. Drowning out now via CloudKid!