Release Date 04/02/2022
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CloudKid Presents Neoni - DOWNFALL

Moody, vulnerable and honest: this is Neoni in their truest form for their first track of the year with CloudKid. ‘DOWNFALL‘ is a dark pop, high energy track that will get heads and minds racing. It is a justifiably fierce one-off single showcasing all the nuances of the two sisters’ signature vocals, accompanied by a backing drum beat and solid acoustic guitar riff that bends genres at full speed.      

The sisters say of the song, “You know that moment when you realize your mental health is about to go up in flames. The bad habits make a strong comeback and all too familiar feelings rear their ugly head. You’re looking down like you would at the top of a roller coaster; but emotional roller coasters tend to be less fun than the ones at amusement parks. That’s what the song is about. It’s about knowing your patterns and understanding what comes next. However, the upside to this downward spiral is that you know you have to come back up again eventually.”    

»The upside to this downward spiral is that you know you have to come back up. «

Inspired by a diverse range of artists and genres — from Imagine Dragons and UPSAHL to Olive Tree and K.Flay, Neoni is starting off the year as energised and creative as ever. With their ever-growing repertoire, ‘DOWNFALL‘ adds momentum to the “sisters-who-write-songs-and-argue” experience. And we can expect a lot more from them no matter what time of the year it is. The impressive catalogue of music that both sister’s have built up over the last couple of years has allowed and invited listeners to a world full of excitement, drama, authenticity, and spirit. With this release, naturally they also deliver, while telling a great story to match. Check out their latest single out on CloudKid now!

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