updog down
Release Date 16/02/2023
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CloudKid Presents updog - down

updog’s concluding track from his next EP, puppy love — out this spring — takes listening through a final tunnel of love (for now). The direction this body of work meandered through this era was quite different than updog’s previous works, focusing on the different aspects to relationships, particularly his own, and how they make one think, feel and act. On ‘down,’, the singer-songwriter using an upbeat sound/melody in contrast to the lyrics. He shares in them the difficulty of his loneliness when his most important person isn’t around and touches on the bond that that partners have in elevating or uplifting another no matter what.

He says, “I was really inspired by a specific song that I had been listening to a lot before making this one. I was working with Birk B on ‘down,’ but then shelved it for months. I listened to it again a few months ago and was then inspired to write metaphorically. In the song, I compare love to drugs and smoke, not being able to breathe. There’s obviously a deeper meaning there.  About how much a person can be a crutch for you, and that you find yourself relying on them so heavily when they’re not around because you feel you can’t do even basic things without them. Because you want them to be there with you all the time. It’s the theme of my next EP, love and all the aspects to it that I’m sure a lot of people can relate to.”  

»I compare love to drugs and smoke, not being able to breathe.«

Steadily racing through his brand new world, updog’s latest musical work tackles how he’s been approaching being on such a high road. The end of his last EP marked a break between his “emo” eras, with listeners hearing less serious narratives, and more personal moments in real time, rather than at the meta level. With a new EP in the works, ‘puppy love‘ out for release this spring, updog asks listeners to follow his life, through story and sound as it is now, following some of his mundane moments, making them into grandiose storytelling for the masses. Poetic, full of good vibes and music he says, is ‘simply to chill, vibe or dance to,’ this new way forward for him is as loved up and sincere as we’ve seen him yet. ‘down‘ out now on CloudKid!

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