Confetti Doses
Release Date 11/03/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Confetti - Doses

Alt-pop ‘n rock artists Confetti are back with their third EP on CloudKid, this time under a brand-new look and feel. Starting their brave new world era is the first track of the four-track mini-album, entitled ‘Doses,’ an eat-your-heart-out, nostalgic, optimistic tune for the soul with lots of quirky lyrics and feel-good energy radiating throughout.      

The duo say, “This song is about a relationship that goes well in doses. You know that friend or hook up you like having around, but maybe not all the time? That’s kind of who it’s directed to. And the feelings of having that person around are something of a combination between crying inside and jumping for joy with a smirky smile of optimism on the outside. Although ‘we’ just so happen to be ‘that’¬†friend, sometimes, too. This song goes out to the “lets just be friends” people we’ve dated, which inevitably turns into the ‘never see/talk to you again’ people. Hearts have been broken and mended and then broken again throughout this process. The process of which we call, ‘Doses.’ This song is also kind of how and where we see and feel the dating and heartbreak scene existing, with our song as the soundtrack to it all.”  

»You know that friend or hook up you like having around, but maybe not all the time?«

Conrad and Fetti Confetti’s days as misunderstood circus elephants has come to an end. Since 2018, the duo has shone on, making light out of the darkness of the world through their music, sound, antics and within the confines of their musical circus. They’ve also been able to bring together an organic, thriving and supportive community of like-minded misfits into their world. At the end of 2021, through their Guilty Pleasure Chest Storybook, they developed new, thick skin (that they call ‘Kapufaloofa’ skin).This year, they will continue their journey as musical brothers, bringing their universe into uncharted territories. New music, new characters, live shows, and a bunch of surprises in between, welcome back to Confetti’s circus with the first song of their newest EP, ‘Doses.’