Cheska Moore Don't Talk
Release Date 01/05/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Cheska Moore - Don’t Talk

CloudKid is excited to introduce the newest addition to our roster, London-based singer, songwriter, Cheska Moore. On her first single with the label, ‘Don’t Talk,‘ the artist delivers a twisted, unapologetic exploration of purposeful toxicity in a relationship. Sonically, it has a sense of unease throughout, with a vocal delivery that feels taunting and twisted. With the closeness of the vocals in your ear, it almost feels like a confession, that only the listener is privy to. With the deepening of the bass and the gradual increases of instrumentation, this song has an intensity that builds throughout. This song also gives brief moments of silence, to give the sense of relief.  

She says, “It’s a confession of all the things I’ve knowingly done wrong in a relationship, like creating distance for the fun of it, drunk texting at 3am and creating arguments just to have the rush of emotion. It also speaks about this coming from a place of insecurity, in terms of how I view myself and the relationship. This song is me at morally bankrupt best, waving my red flag high, but it feels more like a daring taunt than a warning.”

»It's an exploration of purposeful toxicity in a relationship.«

Inspired by artists like UPSAHL, Billie Eilish, and Jesse Reyez, Cheska Moore brings a fresh perspective to the music world. Her powerful vocals and deep lyrics create an emotional connection with her audiences, making her a rising star to watch out for. Sonically, her music offers a unique blend of moody, rebellious, and bass-heavy sounds with distorted elements, creating a distinct dark alt-pop style. Her songs tackle darker themes with honesty, exploring moments that people may not necessarily own up to, such as narcissism, sexuality and toxicity. Through her music, she hopes to make people feel understood and realize that these moments are the ones that make us human. With that, her first track with CloudKid, ‘Don’t Talk,’ out now!