Say So City Do I Go Too Far?
Release Date 13/07/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Say So City - Do I Go Too Far?

The next track by Danish-trio Say So City is here for your listening pleasure, ‘Do I Go Too Far?’ Sonically, the song has a huge contrast between a loud, hard-hitting instrumental with very soft vocals that sound like the vocalist is right next to your ear, whispering all that needs to be said to you — right then and there.

Say So City say, “The song is as if Billie Eilish joined the world of rocktronic. We wanted to give off that vibe with this track. Narratively, it’s about claiming what you deserve, and kind of positioning that stance in a way where those people who messed around with you and ran you over, so to speak, now regret it. Lyrically, there’s an almost horror-like storyline with descriptions of waterboarding and murder attempts, but still, as a listener, I think you still find yourself siding with the protagonist of the story on this one and all the horror around her because she’s finally learning how to stand up for herself.”      

»Lyrically, there's an almost horror-like storyline...«

Sebastian, Line and Birk of Say So City’s released their debut EP last winter, It’s On, which acted as a musical movement and endeavor in which they opened their world to a generation of listeners and youth that they hoped had a style and creative mark to them. Say So City’s rocktronic sound and indie pop edge came with a deep dive headfirst into their very own creative world that was unbeatable and unstoppable. Now, with their first larger body of work behind them, they return with madness and pleasure on their next single of their next project, ‘Do I Go Too Far?’ now out and available via CloudKid!