Release Date 03/08/2022
Listen Here:


German-born and based TRAILS follows up an explosive few releases on CloudKid with his next single, ‘DISINTER MY HEART.’ Similar to his song, ‘SHAKE,’ this next single has a ‘break out of your shell’ type of sound that slowly builds more and more with each hit of the chorus. There’s also then the element of ‘in-your-face-hiccup’ drums, as he describes, with rock elements going along with it, such as distorted bass and guitars, and is finally topped off with an acoustic flamenco guitar that adds that extra level of dynamism — and nostalgia — to it.

TRAILS says of the track, “I don’t know why it happened that way, all the different elements involved in the song, but I think it fits well. The song is about being sick of being emotionally cold and distant, finally try to let your emotions come to the surface, and finally allowing yourself to open up and talk to someone about what you’re feeling, even if it’s not coming out in the right way or how you thought it would. It’s a really honest and vulnerable song.”  

»It's a song about finally allowing yourself to open up...«

TRAILS is by no means a new artist, considering he has delivered forward-thinking remixes and original tracks since 2015, accumulating tens of millions of streams and a wide array of critical acclaim along the way. For a little while now, TRAILS has been locked in the studio crafting a fresh body of work that he wrote, produced, and performed on his own, which is currently being released as he signs to CloudKid. Inspired by uniquely, different artists such as Bring Me The Horizon, PVRIS, and BROCKHAMPTON, listeners will be keen to hear what he has up his sleeve for release next. His next single, ‘DISINTER MY HEARTout now via CloudKid!