Kaphy deserved (feat. Barmuda)
Release Date 01/03/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Kaphy - deserved (feat. Barmuda)

Having already worked together before, it seems fitting for both Kaphy and Barmuda to appear again on another track, this time on ‘deserved.’ Influenced by the likes of Whethan, MISSIO, Grabbitz, & AViVA, ‘deserved‘ holds a classic rocktronic sound made all the more possible through its crunchy guitars, tight drums and of course, crisp vocals.  

Barmuda says of the song’s narrative, “The song is about a relationship very much near its end, when you catch them cheating after having some rocky weeks leading up to that moment. It’s a rollercoaster type of relationship where you’re left feeling very confused about the whole situation in the end.’’

»It's a rollercoaster...«

Kaphy, born and raised in Mexico, is a music producer with large ambitions and an outlook on his future with music. He started producing at the age of 13, via an old laptop and cheap headphones, constantly working towards learning more, experimenting with many elements and genres within electronic music, trying to find the right sound he would soon go on to produce and make his staple style. Two years later, he would go on to learn music theory and to play the piano. He’s since had the urge to become a multi-instrumentalist and a catalyst force in his one-man rock band. Alongside him on the track is Barmuda. With catchy toplines filled with his recognisable way of lyricism, he has been releasing music for a little over 2 years with a distinct sound. Reaching more than 10 million streams last year and releasing on labels such as NCS, Sony, Warner and now CloudKid, he hopes to continue trying something fresh and new. Together, ‘deserved,’ out now on CloudKid!

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