updog, Silent Child deep regret
Release Date 21/08/2020
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CloudKid Presents updog & Silent Child - deep regret

The two signature Cloudkid artists and front-runners of the growing dark ‘rocktronic’ sound – updog and Silent Child – join forces for an epic collaboration on the forthcoming single ‘deep regret’. The collaboration comes at a perfect timing, with both artists making the biggest waves in their musical journey so far and growing a devoted fan-base faster than ever before.  With Silent Child coming in hot from his latest unmissable single Fuck You – supported on leading Spotify editorial playlists Fresh Finds and Alternative Beats – his sound is emitting a new sense of confidence that is becoming hugely sought out for by listeners and artists alike.   Likewise updog, with only a year into the project and already amassing over 3M streams on Spotify, as well as extensive support across various YouTube communities such as MrSuicideSheep and animator Wingedwolf94, shows an artist recognized for his honest songwriting and endless creative vision.

updog gives an insight into the meaning behind the track: “It’s about fighting with your deepest regrets, you feel like you’re moving on and climbing out of the depths of your despair, and then you just fuck up again and free fall back into the hell hole you crawled out of” Silent Child adds:  Being sent this track, I immediately resonated with it. I’ve got a lot of regret and my life has been full of mistakes. I was given the chance to tell a story of my past, present, and probably future mental struggles. This song is unforgiving and doesn’t spare a single explicit thought

»This song is unforgiving and doesn’t spare a single explicit thought”«

In collaboration with designer and YouTube channel ‘TWISTED-DOCTOR‘, a music video is set to accompany the single, bringing both artists into life within their very own caricature world. Be sure to catch this, or risk some deep regret.

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