Release Date 10/05/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Kaila Hoy - DARKNESS

CloudKid’s next song with artist Kaila Hoy will strike any listener with a blast of energy. On ‘DARKNESS,’ a usual dark pop sound emerges on this alternative anthem. It’s a high energy track, while still sitting within a cool, edgy and ethereal space as well.  

Kaila says of the track, “The song is about embracing your truest self regardless of how other people perceive you. I have always been someone who has worried about what others think. My fear of being judged made me feel I had to hide certain parts of myself in order to fit in. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized I need to embrace every part of who I am and stop caring so much about how every person perceives me. Once I started focusing on how I perceive myself, I started feeling like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I found beauty in things I was trained to think were imperfect and now I welcome those imperfects, those that make life more exciting.”  

»I welcome those imperfects, those that make life more exciting.«

Kaila Hoy began creating music and singing from the minute she could write. She progressed into live performances and paid gigs the young age of 9. Since then, she’s ventured her way deeper into the music industry and took her years of live performances into the studio. By age 12, she recorded one of her songs in the studio and worked with Michael Jay Margules (songwriter-producer with over 50 million records sold worldwide) and Cliff Downs (songwriter-producer signed with Atlantic Records, with records on major TV/film productions). Kaila has since continued to perform locally, perfecting her craft as a songwriter and vocalist. Her drive and passion for music has kept her writing song after song, with her fiery passion for the craft fuelling her ambition for creation and collaboration. Her next single, ‘DARKNESS’ out now!