Say So City Dark Is Here To Stay
Release Date 03/11/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Say So City - Dark Is Here To Stay

The Denmark-based trio, Say So City, is back with another sultry, electro-pop tune that is both dreamingly soft and hard-hitting at the same, evident around the 01:00 mark, with a powerful drop that accompanies singer, Line’s, whispers echoing the song’s title: “dark is here to stay,” making for an interesting contrast and unique sounding atmosphere.

The song’s dark ambiance, interesting rhythms and sporadic musical breaks heard throughout match the narrative of the song. In a few words, it’s about surrendering to the darkness. The trio say of the song, “you know that feeling of being stuck in a nightmare that you just can’t escape from and finally letting it take over your world, since fighting and resisting it in the end were even tougher? That’s what this song is about.” 

»In the end, fighting and resisting is always tougher.«

The second song of Say So City’s is now out in the world, and the trio are double as excited for it, marking the next track in a series of songs that they want listeners to describe and understand as intense and cinematic. Ready to take on whatever comes their way, Say So City’s rocktronic sound and indie pop edge will be a deep dive headfirst into their very own creative world. Unbeatable and unstoppable, we welcome them to the CloudKid family!