Release Date 03/03/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents William Bolton - DANGER

Also back on CloudKid this year is Los Angeles-based William Bolton. His last two releases on the label were diary entires, stories that shared a very personal, intimate reality of a piece of his past life as a recovering addict. On ‘DANGER,’ the singer continues on his electronic pop banger lane and shares more personal moments, this one about being fearful of a potential relationship given one’s past.    

He says, “It’s about being scared that your dark past will get in the way of a new relationship. Imagine meeting a beautiful person, and sabotaging it in a way because you know that your old ways could put them in jeopardy. That’s a hard spot to be in.”

»Your dark past could ruin it....«

William Bolton is the Los Angeles-based artist and songwriter behind ‘DANGER.’ He began playing the guitar at age 10 and learned to produce and record his own songs in his parents basement. Inspired by a range of genres and artists, including 21Pilots, Radiohead, Blackbear, & Death Cab for Cutie, Bolton calls his music ‘electric soul,’ combining his soul and rock roots with modern pop production. His songs tell his story and struggles, and have already accumulated 70+ million streams across music platforms digitally, as a result of his emotional, artistic vulnerability.