updog cynical
Release Date 12/01/2023
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CloudKid Presents updog - cynical

The road forward continues for updog, with his first release of the new year, ‘cynical.’ This upbeat, fun track will eventually lead to the artist’s next EP out this year, entitled ‘puppy.’ ‘cynical‘ itself leans toward the usual pop sound the artist has been honing in on during this new era, with other of his usual elements, including quirky, introspective lyricism and production already made known by resident label producer, Birk B.

updog says, “The storyline speaks about my cynicism and hating that about myself. It’s about wanting to find a more positive way to see life, and so this song follows my path to finding that positivity and meaning, which I tend to do through my partner, because I just can’t find reasons to be, on my own. Cynicism often drives me to do vain and useless things which don’t really change my outlook on life — they give me quick highs, quick fixes, but my mind is still a mess in the end regardless. The symbolism of whiskey mixed with little bits of adderall is another metaphor about how I tend to just ruin things that are there to help me — taking unhealthy shortcuts, and being generally self-destructive. In some ways, this song is a cry for help, disguised through a positive vibe and melody, which is classic deflection of someone who cannot truly acknowledge their core issues, and wants to give off the image of having their shit together…which isn’t always the case.”  

»It's classic deflection of someone who cannot truly acknowledge their core issues...«

Steadily racing through his brand new world, updog’s latest musical work tackles how he’s been approaching being on such the high road. The end of his previous EP marked the end of his “emo” era, that body of work full of songs that were introspective, self-deprecating and full of meta-level lyricism. However, as that EP progressed, listeners found themselves hearing less serious narratives, where the writing fluctuated instead to describe moments in real time, rather than at the meta, life level. This time around, with a new EP, ‘puppy‘ out for release this spring,  updog wants listeners to follow his life, through story and sound, as it is now, following some of his mundane moments, making them into grandiose storytelling for the masses. Poetic, full of good vibes and music he says, is ‘simply to chill or dance to,’ this new way forward for him is more about paying homage to himself more than anything or anyone else.

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