LEOWOLF Criminal
Release Date 14/06/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents LEOWOLF - Criminal

New on the label all the way from France, LEOWOLF’s first track ever, “Criminal,” is a mesmerizing blend of heavy balladry and pop sensibilities. Sultry melodies and seductive vocals cast a lingering spell, enveloping any listener into an atmosphere of mystery and desire with this genre-bending track alternating between pop and electro.

LEOWOLF says, “The song is an irresistible and seductive track that delves into the captivating world of forbidden love. It was conceived to accompany late-night drives, introspective moments and quite intimate ones, inviting listeners to explore the depth of their emotions and contemplate the delicate balance between right and wrong when it comes to matters of the heart. I hoped that listeners would experience the irresistible power of this song, transcending genres while igniting passionate discussions about the complexities of human connections. The beauty of this song lies in its ability to evoke multiple interpretations and resonate differently with each person who hears it. It serves as a mirror for personal experiences, allowing listeners to reflect on their own encounters with forbidden desires and moral dilemmas.”  

»It was conceived to accompany late-night drives, introspective and intimate ones...«

Growing up in a family that prized both rigor and recklessness, LEOWOLF embodies a unique blend of self-deprecation and seriousness. At the heart of his musical vision lies a desire to reveal this duality, a willingness to laugh at himself while also striving for artistic excellence. He sees himself as a “false rock star” who revels in both mystery and display, show-casing his contradictions. Between wanting to be taken seriously as an artist to also being intensively aware of his tendency to point out the absurdity of such a desire, LEOWOLF is driven to create music that speaks to the heart of the human experience, constantly torn between the artistic and the rational. He draws on his own life experiences to craft lyrics that explore themes of love, disillusionment, and eternal optimism tinged with melancholy and feminine figure. His music is both a source of joy and a burden, an all-consuming passion that both liberates and imprisons him. His first release under this new project name — and first with a label — ‘Criminal‘ out now!