Jake Daniels Creep
Release Date 27/10/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Jake Daniels - Creep

New York-based Jake Daniels is back with a song name that was made all too famous by the classic and acclaimed, Radiohead. Daniel’s version on the other hand has a slightly different meaning, the build up on the chorus and the main guitar playing throughout the song acting as a sonic representation of the main character of the narrative reaching a breaking point. Shying away from his previous release with CloudKid, ‘Liar,’ which is more romantic, more of a major pop, radio friendly tune, ‘Creep leans toward being more rock oriented in nature, with hints of EDM and dark pop involved. ‘Creep‘ also feels distant at the outset —and grows closer as it goes— with a slow tempo building up and engaging listeners as they move throughout.  

In very Jake Daniels fashion, ‘Creep‘ also includes storylike, screenplay-esque lyrics, which were inspired by the writing style of notorious, supernatural fiction author, Stephen King. Daniels says, “I think this song has a very interesting storyline.Creep is about obsessive thoughts and mental illness. It tackles the story of friends who are two-faced and as a result, overwhelm the main character of the story that they are friends with, with crippling anxiety of which they don’t know how to handle. You can really hear the narrative matching the dark style and production of the song.”

»This song is about obsessive thoughts and mental illness.«

Upstate New York artist, Jake Daniels, is no new kid on the block. With over 100 million streams and video views across all platforms, numerous top spots on the pop, alternative, and all-genre charts on iTunes, Apple Music, Shazam, and Deezer, and several Editorial playlist placements, Jake Daniels is sure to be an artist you want to remember. His real break into the industry was with his viral sensation, “Two Face,” which has now accumulated 30 million+ streams across all platforms, and has been featured in the Top 5 tracks on Apple Music in Central Asia’s Top 100 chart. Initially grabbing the attention of several animators on Youtube, the song allowed Jake to build a prominent fanbase in the Gacha community, as well as in Japan and Korea, changing his life from a local artist to global spectacle in a matter of months. Inspired by the likes of Grandson, KID BRUNSWICK, and Des Rocs, he shows with every release not only how versatile his style of music can be, but how fitting his acclaim is already. ‘Creep‘ out now on CloudKid!