Jake Daniels Crazy
Release Date 09/09/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Jake Daniels - Crazy

The final track to be released on CloudKid before his next EP release, ‘The Otherside,’ is, unexpectedly, one of Jake Daniels’ most angry and black hat villain-esque tracks to date. On ‘Crazy,’ the artist surprises, starting the song with a subtle, stripped guitar riff and a helluva lot of sultry vocals before the smashing chorus comes in that will be sure to get fans both intrigued and hooked.

He says about the song, “‘Crazytells the tale of an outlaw who has done all the wrong one can do in life. He’s on his own, and has been just fine making his own way, criminal and all. However, eventually, a new companion comes into the picture and tends to and for him, as a means to help him improve and not go down a dark path. Simultaneously though, this companion realises that she likes his dark side, just as much as she wants to have him show her — and others — his good side.”  

»He’s on his own, and makes his own way.«

American singer-songwriter, Jake Daniels considers himself to be a dark pop and alternative artist. Born and raised in a small city in upstate New York, with musically gifted parents and siblings, Jake’s artistic journey began early, and today that journey has garnered a few more companions to accompany him. With hundreds of millions of views and streams ranging across various platforms, spots on the top pop and alternative charts in his region, having only released music since 2019, Daniels has amassed a strong online presence across the world, due to his relatable lyrics and story-driven songwriting. His most viral and cinematic track “Two Face”  jolted his career, with Youtube’s animation and Gacha community welcoming it — and him — with open arms, making him go from small town hero to global spectacle in a matter of months. Now with his first EP behind him, Daniels is back to continue taking the world by storm. ‘Crazy — the final single off of his upcoming EP, The Otherside, for release in October, out now on CloudKid!