Eros Come After Dark (feat. LEOWOLF)
Release Date 21/03/2024
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Eros - Come After Dark (ft. LEOWOLF)

Enter a world that delves into the mysterious world of clandestine desire and forbidden love on Eros’ new track, “Come After Dark.” On this song, French artist LEOWOLF joins Eros on their¬† personal journey through the depths of passion, where shadows and secrets intertwine under the cover of night. The song’s narrative arc follows the protagonist as they navigate the thrilling yet dangerous terrain of a forbidden romance, torn between the exhilaration of desire and the fear of the unknown. With its evocative lyrics and seductive melody, “Come After Dark” invites listeners to immerse themselves in the intoxicating allure of forbidden love, where every moment is charged with excitement and intrigue.    

LEOWOLF says, “It’s pretty clear that the verses and pre-choruses weave a mysterious atmosphere to the song, driven by haunting melodies and a vocal delivery reminiscent of the band Muse. I tried to sing the song in a way where there’s a captivating balance between its dark allure and the raw emotion that fuels the narrative. I think the song will give listeners a spellbinding sonic experience when they listen to it.”¬†

»'s a spellbinding sonic experience.«

Enigmatic Berlin-based bedroom producer, Eros, has emerged as a captivating force, crafting a distinctive soundscape that blurs the lines between darkness and pop sensibility. While Eros remains shrouded in mystery, their music speaks volumes, drawing listeners into a world where haunting melodies and ethereal vocals converge. Their song with LEOWOLF, “Come After Dark,” out now via CloudKid!

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