Stileto Coffee And Drugs (ft. TIMMS) (feat. TIMMS)
Release Date 22/04/2022
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CloudKid Presents Stileto - Coffee And Drugs (ft. TIMMS)

Dark, creepy, and chaotic, albeit fun, energetic, and confident are a few ways to describe Stileto’s next single, ‘Coffee and Drugs.‘ Reaping from the energy of their last track with CloudKid, a remix of Fall Out Boy’s infamous, ‘Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down,’ the Stileto boys are back with an original production, pioneering an electronic-influenced, alt-pop dance track with South-Africa born, TIMMS, as a featured artist.  

Rob of Stileto says of the song, “I originally wrote and produced the song while I was in the process of moving to a new location in LA. TIMMS heard the song after we sent it over and loved the sound and concept. She also shared a love for these influences we also had and it just clicked! We all came together to rewrite some parts to make the song even better and eventually cut all the vocals that same day. The song is basically about being in love with yourself, the craziness that is ‘you,’ that can manifest in a way that seems like a totally fucked up monster, barely keeping it together…” Nicole, aka TIMMS, adds, “The perspective is written from the step just before you take the leap down the rabbit hole, where your mind convinces you to throw caution to the wind and just give in to life’s difficulties.”  

»The song is basically about being in love with yourself, the craziness that is 'you...'«

Heavily inspired by tracks like Inferno by Bella Poarch and artists like Ashnikko, and Sub Urban, producers Stileto come together with the likes of vocalist and songwriter, TIMMS, to create the powerful, eclectic powerhouse of vocals and sounds on ‘Coffee And Drugs.’ Not keen on sticking to production only, both Rob and Isaiah of Stileto want to bring their music and social presence to the next level. But that can only happen if their music stays at top standard and a top priority, yet it’s clear to see why their sound instantly resonates, connecting different influences, past and present, while still feeling fresh in 2022. Similarly, the same can be said of South Africa-born, Los Angeles-based, TIMMS, who brings a new, expressive dark pop sound to the industry, managing to produce consistently hypnotic hooks without being repetitive. Together they join to bring ‘Coffee and Drugs‘ into the CloudKid repertoire!

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