Besomorph, Tep No Cocaine Avenue
Release Date 25/05/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Besomorph & Tep No - Cocaine Avenue

A moody electronic groove of a song, vocalist and rapper Tep No joins forces with producer producer Besomorph to release Cocaine Avenue,a track describing the feeling of succumbing to temptations and urges and can be relatable to a lot of people.

Tep No says of the song, “We were inspired by a few different artists for this song, including  Nirvana, Pearl Jam, ILLENIUM. Essentially, the song is about going to or finding yourself in a dark place and flirting with your vices, succumbing to destructive temptations and urges you may have had in the past.”   

»you find yourself flirting with your vices...«

Known for combining dark melodicism with electronic music, Besomorph, who currently holds a count of over 3M monthly listeners on Spotify, has established himself as one of the most-streamed German electronic music artists. He was introduced to DJing by a friend when he was fifteen years old. A couple of years later, he switched to making his own sounds in order to expand creatively and ultimately launched his career as Besomorph in 2016. With over 650 million streams across the platforms, he has secured slots on Spotify’s largest editorial playlists, such as Hype, Main Stage, Bass Arcade, over 5 NMF playlists and up-and-coming Germany-based playlists. His music has been released on various labels and YouTube music channels such as NCS, Trap Nation, Trap City, Suicide Sheep, CloudKid and xKito to name a few. With him on the track is Tep No. Without revealing anything about his background or identity, the artist began releasing a series of singles in 2014 that were often marked by electric guitar and breathy male vocals in addition to electronics. After featuring singer Jessica Hart on his 2015 track “A Different You,” he producing her track “Soul Phazed” and continued to branch out, remixing tracks for other artists while growing his own catalog. Tep No signed with Ultra Records in 2016 and hit the Billboard streaming charts with “The Best Crew,” later notching two more streaming breakout tracks in “Swear Like a Sailor” and “Is It Too Much That I’m Asking For.” Sharing the stage with acts like San Holo, Steve Aoki, and the Chainsmokers helped keep his profile high, while subsequent tracks like 2017’s “Eighteen” and “Toluca Lake” continued to earn millions of streams. Tep No’s producing career continued to pick up in 2018 with remixes of songs by Jesse McCartney and Freya Ridings, while his own tracks “Who We Are” and “Fighting” also put up big numbers. 

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