updog clown
Release Date 06/11/2020
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CloudKid Presents updog - clown

updog gets hella bouncy with his latest single ‘clown’ – the lead track and delightful taster teasing his upcoming 3rd EP ‘bouncy boy’ (out 22.01.2021). Continuing to unravel and expand his latest sonic direction, ‘clown’ sees the Danish-based songwriter experiment into more upbeat, playful and even rappy undertones. The wacky bassline and honest lyricism keeping the raw elements of updog alive, but the striking change in direction really is making us ask ourselves again – ‘what’s updog?’.

Talking on the meaning behind the track, he explains: “It all began and was inspired by all those people we’ve all had in our life, who love to put on a big show about how great they are. They love to make you feel like crap about not being on their level; the kind of people who feel like they have to compensate for something by boosting their own worth and bringing yours down… As I internalised the song more, I realised this is how our entire society is shaped now through social media. All you see are gloaters, wannabe’s, CLOWNS! Then I dug deeper and I realised, there’s a good amount of clown in me too. So I guess, this song is just as much of an attack on those people, as it is on myself, as it is on our society as a whole”

»All you see are gloaters, wannabe's, CLOWNS!«

Being a fan and follower of updog in 2020 comes at a golden time. Whether it’s releasing tantalising music on a consistent basis; soundtracking a meme animation competition; hosting a balloon boy face filter game; or simply delivering honest messages through his music that we all need to hear – the updog world is certainly one you want to get involved in. With countless singles, 2 EP’s and now a 3rd one on its way, it’s fair to say that the music still doesn’t cease to keep us absorbed in his artistic journey. Check out ‘clown’ on Cloudkid now.

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