Paper Idol Clouds
Release Date 30/10/2020
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Paper Idol - Clouds

The quirky feel-good producer and songwriter Paper Idol takes us straight to Cloud 9 with his latest dreamy single ‘Clouds’. Staying true to his now notable signature sound, the track effortlessly fuses his influences of indie-pop and EDM into something surreal and unique… a new element altogether. It’s a track with that nostalgic touch that makes it feel like it’s been by your side for many years already; the guitar riff and melodies pulling hard on your indie heartstrings, while the twist on the beat and synth drop fill your cravings for that dancy electronic bounce.

He explains: “I was on the brink of quitting music. The pandemic had just hit, I felt pulled in so many directions and had no inspiration to create. One day, I was taking a walk and the chorus melody for “Clouds” came out of nowhere; from there, the song flowed out in a matter of hours. Funny how a song about my confusion put me back on track”

»the song flowed out in a matter of hours«

Acting as the antidote for a generation bombarded by reality and desperate for an escape, Paper Idol’s music is evidently something that we all need right now. Backed multiple times by various Spotify editorial’s including Metropolis, Alternative Beats, Indie Brandneu, Happy Dance, as well as recognition from the likes of Chill Nation, BBC Radio 1 and Independent Music Reviews, it’s clear to see that Paper Idol’s sonic treats stay as fresh and exciting as always, with ‘Clouds’ being no exception. Check it out on Cloudkid now.