Vanic, SYRE Close The Distance
Release Date 13/10/2022
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Vanic x SYRE - Close the Distance

Canadian producers Vanic and SYRE team up to release, ‘Close The Distance,’ a track that convenes at two genres — using both melodic house and future bass/trap sensibilities. The track is unique in that it mainly hosts a mellow, house vibe to it right until the end, where it turns from being a mixed bag of soft and smooth to explosive and aggressive.      

Vanic says, “I was inspired by all types of artists on this song — including Zed’s Dead, Inzo and Zhu. The song is essentially about closing the distance between you and someone else – that someone being the person you’ve had your eyes on. It’s about how hard that can be, not knowing how to close that gap…”

»How do you know how to close the gap?«

Inspired by personal experiences, but also world events and “life in general,” Vanic made his mark as a producer by turning his experiences into sound, as a means for others to be able to see and understand their own experiences reflected in music. In 2021, Vanic reemerged from a slight hiatus with his debut artist album ‘Here & Now.’ “The album is about being present in the moment. It’s about reality being made from perceptions, and is a little bit of the past and a lot of the future.” To accompany these forward-thinking ideas, Vanic teamed up with Hiber to create a virtual world that allows fans to experience an album in a whole new way. The goal was to create something that would feel different for every person who listened and watched. His new body of work sees him return to his musical roots, but also as a means to explore new territories. For the Canadian’s army of fans, this next chapter in his journey surely promises to be just as explosive as his beginning. Alonside Vanic is SYRE, the alias of Canadian songwriter and music producer Dmitriy Burenok. Growing up in British Columbia, he eventually appeared on the scene in 2014, with remixes and edits of songs by Tove Lo, Stwo, and A-Trak. In 2015, he released his breakout indie-dance single “Burn ft. Kendra Dias” gaining over 5 million plays online and putting him on the radar of blogs like THUMP, Dancing Astronaut, Kick Kick Snare, YourEDM, among others. In 2016, SYRE teamed up with Los Angeles-based Cory Enemy, who mentored him in pop music production. Since then, he’s been working with some of the most forward-thinking acts in the industry such as Snakehips, Austin Mahone, Jay Sean, Elohim, and LIVVIA. As of late, SYRE has been developing his unique sound and collaborating with other talented producers and songwriters. ‘Close The Distance’ out now on CloudKid!

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