UNDREAM Chemical X
Release Date 09/04/2021
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Undream - Chemical X (ft. TIMMS)

The young Swedish producer UNDREAM is on the rise with a mesmerising run of singles, on this occasion finding a potion to conquer our ears with his latest release ‘Chemical X (ft. Timms)’. What are the ingredients to this new secret formula? Though his artist formula remains hidden in his secret alphabet, his signature dark and ambient sound structure is present, mixed with a good amount of intricate production, all of which is topped off perfectly with Timms catchy standout vocal line. 

Talking about her writing process, TIMMS explains:  “Chemical X is about convincing someone to step out of their comfort zone to experience something out of the norm with you. I grew up watching and loving the Powerpuff Girls, so using Chemical X seemed like a good way to explain that your whole world is gonna change on a molecular level if you spend some time with me”

»I grew up watching and loving the Powerpuff Girls«

Having only released his first ever single with ‘Freak‘ (Sub Urban cover) in 2019, UNDREAM has already come a long way. Picked up instantly by tastemakers including the likes of MrSuicideSheep,, and already amassing over 2.5M streams on Spotify, UNDREAM has clearly got us enchanted. For lovers of Sub Urban and Billie Eilish, this one’s for you. Take a swig of Chemical X on Cloudkid now.