Airmow CELESTE (feat. LissA)
Release Date 23/03/2023
Listen Here:

CloudKid Presents Airmow - CELESTE (feat. LissA)

On his first track of the year with CloudKid, French producer Airmow offers listeners an elegant mixture of luminous and bewitching sounds powerful enough to transport any listener into a dreamlike, supernatural universe. ‘CELESTE‘ is a modern house track with soaring synthesizers and smooth, groovy percussion, while also featuring sultry vocals by German singer, LissA.  

He says of the song, “I was inspired by an array of different artists on this song. Flume (for the synths), NTO (for the house rhythm and kick), Ben Bohmer, KAYTRANADA (for the groovy percussions). The song is essentially about someone who has high ambition and sets their goals too high so, inevitably, they will always be disappointed in the end. LissA makes the song kick with her vocals and tonality as she expressed this inner dynamic within.”    

»They will always be disappointed in the end.«

Antonin Lemiere, aka Airmow, is a Parisian electronic artist and producer. With bold, brash, enigmatic and threatening sounds, Airmow aims to create ultra-modern productions that transport listeners to a wonderful, yet skeptical and oppressive world, paying homage to the outside world we live in today. Inspired sonically by a smorgasbord of unique directions, including electronic film music and soundtracks to horror films, the highly praised fashion industry of his home country, analogue synthesisers and other technical sounds and sensibilities, Airmow takes a housier, more mature direction than with his first album DYSTOPIE, with ‘CELESTE‘ being one of the starting points on his path forward. Commercially, Airmow’s innovative compositions have been used by brands such as PRADA, Rolex, L’Oreal, XIAOMI, Philosophy and more. Alongside Airmow on this release is Germany-based, LissA. Refusing to be pinned down to any one single genre and juggling her studies with a burgeoning music career, on paper, she makes for an incredibly impressive force to be reckoned with. With her powerful voice and sophisticated writing that makes her stand out, her newcomer notoriety can also be backed up by the 90+ million Spotify streams she has amassed in the years since her debut release.

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